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Banknotes and Coins

Bank of South Sudan has the sole right to print/mint, issue and destroy banknotes and coins in South Sudan .

The Bank is responsible for the bulk distribution of banknotes and coin and to meet the public demand. It makes virtually no difference from the Bank’s broad monetary policy perspective whether the public holds cash, demand deposits at banks. The potential supply of banknotes and coins to the public however, is limited by banks to the extent that the public is only permitted to withdraw cash held as deposits or draw cash against pre-arranged credit facilities.

The branches of the Bank, the South Sudan Police Services and the commercial banks all work together in combating the counterfeiting of banknotes and coins.

South Sudan Currency

The currency structure of South Sudan consists of banknotes and coins and is denoted in South Sudanese Pound (SSP).

The following denominations are currently in circulation:

Bank Notes

SSP 1 SSP 5, SSP 10 SSP 20,  SSP25, SSP 50, SSP 100 and SSP 500

It is important for the public to be aware of the security features incorporated in genuine banknotes and to distinguish between genuine South Sudanese banknotes and counterfeit notes.


10 piasters , 20 piasters  and 50 piasters, 1 Pound and 2 Pound