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Corporate Planning

Overview- Corporate Planning department
The Corporate Planning Department is one of the top management support functions of the Bank of South Sudan, which is primarily to lend a technical hand to the Governor, the top Management and other Directorates and Departments by facilitating the preparation of corporate strategic and annual plans and special projects, the monitoring and evaluation of periodic performance at various levels, analysis of performance gaps, identification of the reasons thereof, and the development of remedial solutions to fill the gaps. The Department has facilitated the preparation and launching of a five-year strategic plan (2018-2022) in a bid to better perform the operations and functions that are vested on BSS by the establishment Act.
To translate the strategic plan into action, the Corporate Planning Department has facilitated the preparation of the first ever strategy-led annual/ operational plans for the last four years of the strategic plan from 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and now 2022 at corporate level and the cascading of the annual plans. While the corporate-level 2018 annual plan was  cascaded to the three Directorates of the Bank, the plan was not cascaded down to the top management support functions, including the Corporate Planning Department, with the intention to make the cascading process manageable but from 2019 henceforth annual plans have been cascaded to all the BSS entities.
In the previous four years of the strategy, the Corporate Planning Department has accomplished a number of activities and achieved notable results. In short, the Department has facilitated among others:
• The preparation of the Corporate-level annual plans for four years and their cascading down to the Directorates;
• The printing of a Policy guideline for Planning, Evaluation and Reporting and additional copies of a job description books.
• The preparation of formats for organizational performance evaluation and the compilation of BSS’ quarters and annual performance reports and presented it to the board of directors through the EXCOM;
• Conducted workshops on instruments for the annual/summative customer/stakeholder satisfaction survey;
• The organization of several workshops and training sessions on strategic planning implementation and improvement issues such as customers/stakeholders satisfaction surveys, monitoring and evaluation procedures, policy guideline to new employees of BSS, senior managers, middle-level managers and BSS Champions.
Based on the strategic plan and an evaluation of its organizational annual performance in the first four years of the plan and lessons drawn from, the Bank has now prepared the corporate-level as well as directorates and other entities annual plans for 2022. As has been the case in the previous three years of 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022, the Department is determined to contribute to the transformation process of the Bank through better planning and execution.


Please click here to download Planning, Evaluation and Reporting Policy Guideline First edition