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Banking Supervision

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Banking Supervision


  • The banking supervision Department is responsible for implementing the Bank of South Sudan supervisory objectives and principals, in order to ensure the stability, integrity, soundness and efficiency in the banking/Financial system.
  • The aim of the BSS supervisory process is to sustain an attentive outlook and develop an early warning system. This allows the BSS to take proactive approaches to ensure
  • (i) the safety and soundness of the banking system,
  • (ii) that banks comply with the BSS law and supervisory regulations;
  • (iii) That banks develop risk management systems and enhance the internal control practices. This should automatically result in a well-managed banking sector and accordingly achieves the ultimate goal of protecting the rights of depositors and ensuring a positive contribution to the development of the national economy.

The Financial Institutions supervises by BSS: Commercial Banks, Forex Bureau at moments (Insurances and Microfinance )

  • The banking supervision department is composed of the following units:
  • Three Division Mainly: 1. Banking Division, 2. Planning, regulations and licensing division and 3. Non-banking division.
    A- Banking Division composed of the three section
  1. On-site
  2. Off-site
  3. Credit Reference Bureau

B- Planning, regulations and licensing division

  1. Planning
  2. Licensing
  3. Regulations unit

C- Non-Banking Division

  1. Forex Bureau
  2. Insurances
  3. Microfinance


BSS is using CAMELs.

The level of co-ordination among banking supervision units has been enhanced significantly, which plays an instrumental role in reaching banking supervision objectives. Besides, it increases the capability of the employees to resolve any impediments and efficiently accomplish tasks due to the strong interaction and mutual understanding among them.​