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Strategic Plan

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BoSS Strategic Plan

Background to the Republic of South Sudan (RSS)
The Republic of South Sudan (RSS) is the youngest state in Africa that came into being as the
world’s newest independent country  from the Sudan on 9 July 2011,
with population estimated to be 12 million.
The RSS is a land locked country with an area of 644,329 km2 and a population of about 12
million, it is one of the least densely populated countries in Africa South of the Sahara which an
average of 19 people living in one km2. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the East and North east;
Kenya to the South East; Uganda to the South; the Democratic Republic of the Congo to South
West; the Central African Republic to the West; and, the Sudan to the North. The White Nile is
the major geographic feature of the country where the water from River Nile is, among others,
a major source for Agriculture and for extensive wild life population.

please download the Strategic Plan  for 2018 – 2022