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To foster price stability, sustainable economic growth, and sound financial system in the Republic of South Sudan through excellent regulatory framework, monetary and exchange rate operations, advisory and banking services

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  • Regulations

    Bank regulation refers to the written rules that define acceptable behavior and conduct for financial institutions.

  • Statistical Bulletin

    The Bank of South Sudan is mandated by the Bank of South Sudan Act Sec.77(5) to collect, compile, analyze and disseminate information

  • Publications

    The Bank of South Sudan (BSS) is pleased to share with the public this reports on macroeconomic developments in the country

  • payment system

    South Sudan’s national payment systems are the conduits through which buyers and sellers of financial products

  • Circulars

    highly effective way to communicate with our customers

  • Balance of Payments

    Balance of payment is a statistical summary of all transactions in an economy between resident and non-resident in a given period

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    • NOVEMBER 16, 2021
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    Job Vacancy Announcement

    Job Vacancy Announcement

    Post title/Location: Chief Internal Auditor, Juba, HQ Employment type: Contract full time Duration: five years with one year probation open date: 10th November 2021 Closing date: 23rd November 2021…

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    • OCTOBER 6, 2021
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    Central Bank to sustain foreign exchange auctions

    Central Bank to sustain foreign exchange auctions

    The Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) informs the market and public that it is maintaining the foreign exchange auctions to safeguard the recent gains of South Sudan pound against US dollar. It also refutes…

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Daily Exchange Rate for 06/12/2021
Currency Selling Buying Indicative
USD 418.7058 406.3302 412.5180
EURO 472.6351 458.6249 465.6300
GBP 555.8319 539.3221 547.5770
JPY 3.6952 3.5857 3.6405
CHF 454.5715 441.0880 447.8297

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